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Yesterday morning I spent a couple hours wandering around Jalan Besar, which has a lot of hardware shops selling various random stuff, looking for parts for the LPG system.  When I bought the grill, I also bought a fitting that’s basically a T-junction with a valve on the stem of the T, where the grill is attached to the stem and the cross of the T goes along the main gas line.  I needed to get some fittings to attach hose to each end of the cross of the T.  (I’ll post a picture some other time, since I don’t have one now.)  Unfortunately Singapore uses British standard threading and I’d bought the fitting in the US, which uses a different standard.  Sigh.

In the end I found a shop that rebuilt the whole thing and added barbed fittings at the ends of the cross to attach hoses, but they had to use stainless steel and copper instead of brass, so it’ll only be temporary since those will corrode.  It should be okay for a year or two though, and the next time I’m in the US maybe I can find some barbed fittings to attach to the T-junction I already had.  I also had a tough time finding 3/8″ LPG hose and was bounced around to 7-8 shops in a ~1km radius, but finally found some.  (Actually it’s really air hose, but is basically the same thing, and the system is only dealing with 10-20psi at most.)

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have some time to put together the whole thing, check for leaks, and then finally try out the new grill (and make sure the old stove is still working fine).

This morning I zoomed up to Eri Motor Services (15 Pandan Loop, Block P #01-135, for my future reference!) to get some help removing the pulley from the old alternator and putting it on the new one.  It took them about 30 seconds.  They were pretty curious to hear I bought the alternator for S$350 from a local supplier, since they pay more than double that price from their existing supplier, so I gave them the details.  They didn’t charge me anything, which was nice.

Here they are switching the pulley between alternators:

And here’s the new alternator with the old pulley attached:

A Malay electrician/mechanic dude named Jamal is being sent down to the marina tomorrow morning, by Neo from Best Marine Electrical, to help install the alternator.  So, here’s hoping the engine is up and running with a working alternator tomorrow!

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