Video: tour of the cabin

One of the things I picked up in the US was a Kodak Playsport, which is a neat little waterproof HD video camera.  I just threw together a quick little video tour below decks; I’ll make another one soon above deck.  On a side note, this is my first ever foray into video editing; I used kdenlive, which seems decent.

For those with little bandwidth (hi Mom and Dad!) you might need to watch this in a better-connected location!

You can also watch the larger HD version on the video’s Youtube page.


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2 Responses to Video: tour of the cabin

  1. Doug

    You should make a photosynth of the boat. In fact, I demand it. Here, I’ll start:

    • Kris

      See, I do like this idea. But here I am on a Lunix machine with the alpha release of Mono 3 installed, and it can’t handle Photosynth, so not only can I not create a Photosynth, but I also can’t even view yours. However, I will try to revisit this via a Windows laptop later.

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