New cushion covers; etc

Spent some time with Charlene poking around the boat yesterday, working on various tasks.  She emptied out 3 weeks worth of summer monsoon rainwater from the dinghy and gave it a good scrub while I mounted the new galley curtains, which fit perfectly and look great.  Then we put the new covers on all the saloon cushions.  They look really great, brighten things up a bit, and are very comfortable.  The fabric is heavy duty but pretty soft — a little felt-like but not fuzzy, so it’s actually kind of cooling.  I only have a couple dim early-evening phonecam photos for now.  Here’s the port side:

And here’s the “couch” on the starboard side:

I’m glad I ended up opting out of getting new foam for all the cushions — the existing stuff is fine and comfy.  The whole curtain/upholstery/fabric project ended up being pretty expensive anyway, but it’s made a nice difference in the appearance and comfort of the boat.

I also measured the large awning and pondered some strategies for making it more usable.  I got a few ideas by looking around at other awnings at the marina.  Unfortunately my awning is really just a big heavy vinyl rectangle with not very many points of attachment to work with, a tendency to attract mold, etc; I’m tempted to measure for a nice custom made Sunbrella awning, but I bet it’d cost more than I want to spend.

Finished up the evening by tinkering with the LPG system a bit.  It looks like the previous owner didn’t use very standard fittings, so it might take some work (and some part hunting) to get the new grill installed.

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