Oia’s still afloat

After a few weeks of traveling and being at home in the US, I finally made it back to Oia last night.  The boat was just as I left it with nothing out of place, although the dinghy was full to the brim with rainwater.  (There has been some serious rain and flooding in Singapore since I left.)

I didn’t have time to do much other than unpack some of the stuff I brought back from the US.  I raised my new American flag at the port spreader.  Here it is, along with the Singaporean courtesy flag on the starboard spreader, this morning before another huge storm:

I also spent a little time tinkering with my new inflatable life jackets to make sure I knew how to arm them; I think I’ll stow them without the CO2 cylinder armed, however.  Here’s one (of two); it fits nicely and is pretty comfortable:

My new grill is still in my office but I brought back a bunch of parts for mounting it and hooking it up to the existing LPG system, and also a nice cover.

I also picked up the new cushion covers for all the cabin cushions, along with new properly sized galley curtains.  I didn’t have time to install all of those last night but will do that this weekend, finally bringing the lengthy upholstery/curtain/fabric/etc. project to a conclusion (I hope).

Aside from that, I’m most excited about getting the new alternator installed.  I think I’m going to get an electrician to lend me a hand with that, just to be safe, because I really don’t want to melt this one and have to order another alternator and wait another month.  Once the new alternator is in place, the engine should be usable, so I’m hoping to take the boat out for a couple short trips before too long.

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