Heading to US; alternator and grill

I’m flying to the US tonight for a couple weeks, so I won’t be doing any work on Oia.  (However, I’ll get to pick up all kinds of neat stuff that’s been shipped home.)

Last night I got the boat mostly ready for an extended absence.  Mainly that involved putting up the big awning, which drapes over the boom and covers most of the deck amidships.  Here it is this morning:

I am thinking about how to improve this awning so (a) it doesn’t look kind of lazily draped on; and (b) it’s raised higher so I can leave it up most of the time but still be able to do some work on deck.  It’s nice to have the shade since it makes the cabin cooler and helps protect the deck from UV radiation.  Potentially some battens (small PVC pipe maybe) would improve things.  If I didn’t have a furling mainsail I’d probably have lazy jacks, could use those, the shrouds, and maybe the aft rails for the solar panels as support for split awnings (one on each side of the boat).  As it is there aren’t very many attachment points for any kind of awnings so draping is pretty much the only option.

I also realized when taking this picture this morning that I really need to get in the water and scrub the waterline — it’s starting to look kind of ugly.

This morning I met up with the distributor to pick up my new alternator, which arrived in Singapore a couple days ago.  I’m wishing I’d been able to get it earlier in the week and get it installed; now the engine will have to sit around another few weeks before I can start it up again.  And a little later when I got into my office I was very surprised to find that my new grill had arrived, after shipping just a couple days ago from Defender in the US.  Here are the alternator and the grill, still in their boxes in my office:

Clearly I’m going to have a lot on my plate once I get back to Singapore!

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