Grill; charger

Finally gave up on trying to find someone to sell me a grill in Singapore and just ordered one shipped from the US, one of the original Marine Kettles.  I made a separate order for all the random accessories needed to actually install the thing: LPG regulator, some LPG hose and fittings, a rail mount, and a cover for the grill.  All that ended up costing more than the grill itself, but I saved on shipping by sending it home, where it’ll hopefully arrive within a couple weeks.

I’ve been running into a problem with my temporary little 8A battery charger: whenever I try to charge the house bank, its overload avoidance trips after a few minutes.  I’m going to try to make a trip to Tritex this week and see what they’ve got for inverter/chargers.  It’s time to get the whole electrical system overhaul rolling.

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