Cockpit cushions and curtains

I left work a little early today to meet the upholsterer, who came to deliver some stuff and take some new measurements for the remaining work.  The main thing they brought today was the new cockpit cushions.  Here they are:

Really shiny and spotless, and they fit perfectly and are quite comfy.  I’m very happy with them.  The only downside is that they’re so nice, and so expensive, that I don’t actually want to leave them in the cockpit now since they’ll get stepped on, rained on, scuffed, etc.  I moved them into the cabin for now but maybe once I declutter the cockpit a bit (i.e., install the new batteries) I’ll leave them in a little-trafficked corner there when not in use.

The best feature of these new cushions is the little cutout I had made to accommodate the hinged companionway door:

The cutout is perfect and it makes it so the cushion can lay flat.  The old ones you just had to kind of bend up against the door, which isn’t good for the door, the cushion, or my back.

They also delivered some resized curtains.  Unfortunately the large galley and nav station curtains were still the wrong size (they misunderstood me and reduced the height of those as well as the smaller porthole curtains).  But the porthole curtains are finally just right:

Here’s Domo-kun hanging out at the newly-curtained porthole above the starboard lockers:

The upholsterer re-measured all the saloon cushions and I decided to keep the existing foam, which is in decent shape, and just have them make new covers.  That’ll save a few hundred bucks.  Hopefully they can finish those soon as they were the main reason to get all this work done in the first place.

I spent the rest of the evening with a bucket and brush scrubbing away at the cockpit, which had gotten pretty filthy; and also scrubbing the deck a bit in highly-trafficked areas.  Very shiny now.

And, after bouncing emails around for a while, I think I’m pretty close to finding someone here to sell me a Marine Kettle grill, although I have yet to see a price.  In the worst case I can order and ship the grill here from the US myself, and ship the small mounting and LPG accessories home to pick up in June to save on shipping costs.

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