Minor maintenance

Spent some time aboard Oia last night for the first time in a few days.  I always have this overwhelming feeling of urgency when I return to the boat after an absence of more than a day or two, like there’s an insane amount of stuff I need to get done and maybe if I’m really organized about it I can finish half of it Right Now.  Sadly it never works out that way.

Instead I:

  • Wasted an hour or so shopping then waiting in the checkout line at Giant to buy a telescoping PVC mop, some bleach, and some ciabatta.
  • Measured the diameter of the stanchions and safety rails near the stern (1 inch exactly) so I can shop for the right mount for a marine grill.  I’m planning to get one that can hook into my existing LPG system, which right now is just servicing the stove.  It’s proving to be quite a challenge to find anyone to sell me marine grills here in Singapore, of course.
  • Dropped a few ant traps here and there, not because I’ve seen ants but because prevention is better than cure!
  • Scrubbed a little bit of diluted bleach on the headliner in the head to see how good it is at cleaning ancient mold stains off of white leather.  Answer: not bad, and doesn’t appear to have caused any damage, so I guess I’ll clean the rest of the headliner this way.
  • Emptied out the dinghy, which was so full of water I had to bail with a bucket for a while before I could pick up the dinghy and dump it out like I usually do.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get smart and… flip the dinghy over.
  • Cleaned out the shower sump, which was starting to get grimy.  Here’s a token photograph of the suddy sump, mostly cleaned:

Aside from all that, I spent a few minutes lying out on the deck in a cool breeze and looking up at the stars, which was nice.  And I ate some ciabatta for dinner:

Thursday, supposedly, the newly adjusted curtains and the new cockpit cushions will all be delivered, so I’m kind of excited about that.  Still no new saloon cushions yet, pending some more measurements.

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