Registry plaque; alternator

Had about half an hour this morning aboard Oia to get something done, after getting to the boat pretty late last night.  Since it was probably my only opportunity to do anything this week I seized it by the horns and did… the two easiest things on my huge todo list.  The first was to wander out on the dock in my boxer shorts and dump the last week and a half’s worth of rainwater out of the dinghy.  Not very exciting.

The second was to mount the plaque I just had made with all of the boat’s registry details.  I put it on the bulkhead just aft of the nav station, and emailed a photo of it to my Langakwi registry agent.  Here it is:

I also just ordered a new alternator, finally.  The electrician got back to me with details of the old one; it was a 90A Prestolite 8MR2070T, which is essentially what I’d already guessed.  Instead of replacing it with the 8MR2070TA (a superseding model), I found out from Far East Motors I could get a 105A model with exactly the same form factor, the 8MR2401UA, for exactly the same price (S$350), quicker (2-3 weeks, shipped from the UK, instead of 4-6 weeks, shipped from the US).  Finally I’ve ordered that and have hopes that my alternator saga is winding down.  Whether I’ll get the new one before leaving for the US in June is questionable, but hopefully by the end of June at least I’ll be able to run the engine again.  The only trickiness is that new Prestolites don’t come with a pulley, so I’m saving the old one to attach to the new alternator.

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