New fabrics; alternator removal

Yesterday, we picked up the initial set of items dropped off by the upholsterer, Min, at Charlene’s house, and ran them through the wash there. Today I brought everything to the boat to try it out. The new V-berth mattress protector and fitted sheets are really superb. The mattress protector is just a not-too-expensive king size one I bought at a department store; Min modified it:

It doesn’t quite fit perfectly, but it’s close enough that you don’t notice the imperfection with a sheet over top.  Here’s one of the fitted sheets:

And here’s the other:

They’re both really great quality material and very comfortable.  I’m pretty excited to finally have these; until now I’ve just been sleeping on top of misshapen too-small sheets or my comforter.  Now the V-berth is all cozy and proper and extremely comfortable:

I also got a couple fitted tablecloths for the saloon table.  The table is really lovely sans tablecloth:

Unfortunately it’s so nice that I’m afraid to actually put anything on it for fear of scratching or scuffing it.  The previous owner also had a tablecloth on it.  Here’s the new one:

The fabric is the same as the new curtains for all the portholes and portlights.  It’s nice and light and really brightens up the saloon.  And yes, that is Sleepy the dwarf wearing Charlene’s sunglasses and kicking back in the saloon.

I tried one of the new porthole curtains and decided they’re too long:

That’s as compared with the old curtains, which are a lot uglier but don’t flop around as much:

So, I’ll ask Min to shorten the new ones.  Also found that the curtains for the galley and nav station portlights, which are much larger than the portholes, need to be cut in half into two curtains for each side, instead of one mega-curtain.  Spoke with Min who said to pass the curtains back to her for fixing.

My other task for the evening was to remove the alternator.  I could’ve had someone come and do it for me, but it’s my boat and half the fun is learning new stuff and getting my hands dirty.  I got them reasonably filthy tonight.  I started by taking a picture of the wiring for future reference:

I also used my fancy labelmaker to label all the wires before removing them, which was easy enough.  Taped over all the terminals to avoid any nastiness while they’re dangling unconnected.  The tensioning bolt was easy to remove.  The pivot bolt was not.  In the end I gave up, but then decided to try one last time after banging the bolt a few times with a gigantic spanner.  I put most of my weight into it, and the bolt finally came loose.  Here’s where the alternator used to be, with the newly labeled wires and the belt dangling:

My “mechanical” toolbox came in handy.  The previous owner may have done some things wrong, but one thing he did right is keep a good supply of tools on board.  Here’s just one of a few toolboxes:

And lastly, here’s the subject of the whole mess, ready to be delivered for repair, or more probably, replacement:

Not bad for an evening’s work.


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  1. Charlene

    looks awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I love the V-berth!

    All it needs is piglet! to demasculinize your boat with its pinkness.


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