Various electrical; engine; etc.

Called up Mr. Neo from Best Marine Electrical and scheduled for him to come down to the boat on Saturday.  For now I just want to repair or replace the alternator, and maybe get his help installing the new batteries.  Need to remember to ask him for advice on a battery box.  I’ll also have him take a general look at the electrical systems and get some advice (and maybe a quote) on a rewire, new panels and switches, etc.  It’s not going to be cheap but I think it’ll be worth it.

Last night, I unmounted the digital voltmeter; pretty sure it’s just dead.  I need to find some time to swing by SimLim to get a replacement.  Hopefully I can get something similar or even identical, and avoid having to redo the mounting.

I also wormed and contorted my way down into the engine compartment far enough to figure out that the alternator is a Prestolite 90A model.  Not that it matters much.  Tried to get the engine started for the heck of it, but had no luck.  The batteries only show ~12.7V and drop much lower when cranking, so I’m still just assuming the starter motor isn’t cranking fast enough.  Confirmed that the fuel is fine and flowing, raw water intake is fine, etc.  I’d like to get a look at the exhaust, but it’s hard to do that while cranking the engine, so it’ll have to wait until someone else is around.

Did a bunch of general cleaning and scrubbing, mainly of the floor.  Taking care of hardwood floors isn’t easy, especially this one since it gets a lot of traffic and dust.  I need to find some Pledge.

I wandered around the marina a little last night and this morning, and finally found the laundry room.  I am also pretty sure I just can’t get a Sentosa resident’s pass, so I’m stuck paying ridiculous fees every time I want to go home.  Coupled with the annoyances associated with getting a taxi in Singapore, I’m starting again to consider heading over to RSYC, which has nearby public transportation.

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