Voltmeter; upholstery; etc.

I arrived at the boat last night and immediately noticed the LED voltmeter display that tells me the charge level of the batteries wasn’t working.  This is a very useful display when it’s working, but not when it looks like this:

This morning, broke out my multimeter and verified the right inputs everywhere, so I guess maybe the voltmeter just died.  Ran out of time to continue investigating, but I need to take it apart and look a little more carefully before finding a replacement.  Here’s the innards and inputs:

Got a more or less complete quote for the upholstery work from Lee Curtain House, around S$2750 after a nice 10% discount.  That’ll include a couple fitted sheets and a fitted mattress protector for the V-berth; new upholstery for the couch and the nav station seat; new upholstery and new foam for all the saloon cushions; a couple fitted tablecloths; new curtains for all the portholes; and most substantially, brand new cockpit cushions with nice little cutouts to account for the companionway doors.  Sounds like it should all be done within a couple weeks; I’m sure it will brighten everything up pretty substantially.

I am finding living aboard pretty comfortable: it’s basically just like a small apartment that rocks you to sleep at night and happens to have an engine below the floorboards and sails above the ceiling.  The shower is fine, sleeping is fine, it’s not all that hot, and so on.  The downside is that the number of projects I need to do is piling up, and I seem to have no time to make any progress on any of them.  Lee warned me of this.  I will soldier on!


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  1. Rachel

    Lee and I decided that living aboard a boat is closest to living in a dorm room. We even ended up with our own “sides” of the boat, unintentionally.
    The list of projects will eventually dwindle. Then you can really enjoy your boat!

    • Kris

      I like the dorm room analogy. When you think of it that way, it’s actually pretty nice. As Lee can testify, we’ve lived in some pretty crappy dorm rooms!

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