New new berth; moving and cleaning

Yesterday, I brought a small load of stuff to the boat to pack away in various cubbyholes, and spent a few hours in the heat of the afternoon arranging and cleaning.  I decided to get rid of the dishes that were on the boat and keep the ones from my apartment; I did the same with most of the cutlery that we bought on the trip down from Langkawi.  You only need so many forks, spoons, and chopsticks.  After a little rearranging, I found plenty of space to stow everything in the kitchen.  There really is quite a bit of storage.

My main goal for the day was to resolve my ongoing shore power saga and get some 240V nuclear powered juice.  Since I moved a week ago, the boat next door has been using my shore power because for whatever reason they really need two plugs.  Fine.  After a week of trying to figure out how both they and I can be satisfied, finally the marina decided I needed to move my boat again, to the other side of the finger pier, from M2 into M3.  After a lot of waiting around for some manpower, we part walked the boat around the end of the pier, and part towed it with a workboat.  I was concerned about berthing on the port side since access there is harder (the swimming ladder fills up the “boarding gap” in the life rails).  I had the bright idea to berth the boat stern in, which has the added bonus that the boat’s shore power plug is close to the pedestal.  That turned out to be a great solution since now I board the boat only a few feet down the finger pier; I can keep the dinghy out of the water at the end of the pier since I never really need to go down there.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s the boat in its new new berth, with the dinghy happily out of the water:

You can see there the mainsail is again not furled so well.  It’s really hard to get it right.  I refurled it later in the midst of a bit of a breeze, which helps keep it from sagging too much; it’s still not perfect.

Of course the downside to the boat’s new orientation is a bit of a loss of privacy.  Here’s the view from the main dock:

I’m guessing that I’ll be keeping the aft canvas closed most of the time.

Now that I’m pretty much moved aboard, it’s time for some real deep cleaning of all the dusty nooks and crannies.  Since I’ll be spending a lot of my time in the V-berth, that’s the logical place to start.  I took out the cushions (which I’ve decided to keep since they’re in good shape).  Noted the V-berth cushion is actually two cushions, which makes access to the storage underneath a bit easier.  Here are a couple pictures to give an idea of the storage.  First, one with the “head” of the berth flipped up to reveal some big drawers and cubbyholes:

Second, another one with it down, revealing all the other (quite large) cubbyholes underneath the berth.  I honestly just don’t have enough stuff for all the storage on this boat, which is a good thing:

I ran out of time and didn’t actually get much cleaning done.  Of course, the boat is still in a bit of disarray as I work on organizing everything to my liking.  Pending projects like the new cushions and batteries are adding to the mess.  Here’s the messy cockpit:

You can see I removed the wheel from the helm, which makes moving around the cockpit a lot easier.


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