I officially live on Oia

Just a few hours ago, Charlene and I finished cleaning and packing and carried the last bit of stuff out my apartment.  I gave the apartment keys to the landlord, got (most of) my deposit back, and headed for the boat.  So now I’m sitting here in my new floating residence, which on the one hand feels really weird, but on the other hand is pretty cool.

Living aboard a boat is something I thought about doing when I was a little kid, and it gradually developed into sort of a serious idea, and suddenly, here I am actually doing it.  In some ways today feels a little similar to the day I did my PhD thesis defense.  Objective complete!

Now to fix everything and make Oia the coolest boat ever.


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3 Responses to I officially live on Oia

  1. Charlene

    So proud of you!

    I’ll bring some ice onboard

    2nd mission accomplished!!!!!

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