Saloon berth; answers

I needed to try out the settee double berth, which is one of those “lower the dining table and put the extra cushions on it” type things, to ensure the existing cushion thicknesses were right for it.  So I had to figure out how to lower the table, which in the end was pretty easy.  There are a couple heavy clips that lock the two legs in place; when released, you just push the table down (I actually sat on it), and lock it back in place.  The base of the table has a couple pretty hefty springs, so when you release the locks, the table springs back up into place kind of dramatically (and squeakily for now), and you lock it back.  Here’s the double berth:

Maybe not super comfortable, but certainly passable.

I also measured the dimensions of the table for a couple fitted tablecloths.

Got some answers to a few of my questions:

  • There are laundry facilities at the marina, which is nice.  Not sure yet how expensive they are.
  • Got login credentials for the marina’s wifi, which should serve my internet needs reasonably well.  StarHub is losing my business by being completely inflexible and refusing to allow me to convert my cable internet to 3G internet.
  • Found out the only place I can keep my bike is outside in an unsheltered bike rack, which is really too bad but will have to do for now.
  • Sort of narrowed in on where my port clearance docs are at; need to follow up on that when someone is aboard Hye Seas I.
  • Saw that my power is still being used by the boat at M1.  The marina manager is on the case; either it’ll get resolved before the weekend, or I’ll move over to M3.

Tonight I’m planning to swing by the Boat Asia show at Keppel Bay and ogle boats that are much shinier than mine.

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