New berth; miscellany

Took a super-quick trip over to One 15 yesterday to drop off a bunch more stuff.  Again, I didn’t have enough time to stow it all, so the cabin looks sort of like I imagine it would after a knockdown.  Here’s Oia in her new berth:

She’s surrounded by megayachts.  The huge one off her stern is Hye Seas II, an S$25M+ yacht owned by the owner of the marina.  The yacht next door at berth M1 likes to blast American pop tunes and is currently using my shore power outlet because they consume so much electricity they apparently need 200 amps of capacity at all times even though nobody was aboard yesterday when I stopped by.  The dockmaster is working on a solution so I can have my plug back.

While I was there I quickly re-furled the main, since like the genoa it was poorly furled on the way into Singapore, and it rains a lot here so I want to protect the sail.  The furling main is only “sort of” nice because you really still have to go up to the mast and guide the sail onto the furler; if you don’t, it wraps itself around the drum.  I still prefer (and will eventually switch to) a standard setup.

Today I bounced a bunch of little logistical questions off the dockmaster about things like my port clearance docs and the boat stamp (their location remains a mystery); the electrical situation; laundry facilities; a password for the marina’s wifi; where I can keep my bike; and how to get a Sentosa resident’s pass so I don’t have to pay S$2-6 every time I come home from work.  And after work I’m zooming over to pick out fabric for the cabin cushions and curtains and stuff.

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