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Various small tasks; engine

I made the trip up to Langkawi this morning. This time I rented a car at the airport, as I’d like to take a trip or two to some marine and hardware stores to pick up some necessities this weekend. … Continue reading

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LGK->SIN: March 25-28

I had a meeting yesterday with Cmdr Tan (okay, retired Cmdr), who is quite a prolific dude. Former warship and submarine commander, marina designer/builder, keelboat instructor, etc. It was also clear that he knows pretty much everybody involved in boating … Continue reading


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Graphics; delivery captain

The new vinyl graphics arrived in the mail today.  They look pretty decent, although they were shipped in a tube and will need to be flattened out a bit before they’ll really be manageable.  I’m a little concerned that when … Continue reading

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Vectorized schematic

I spent a little time on the weekend and a little more yesterday trying to vectorize the only real schematic drawing I’ve been able to find of the Acapulco 40, so I can print something out to use for mapping … Continue reading


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MMSI; graphics; todo; etc

Heard back from the Malaysian version of the FCC regarding an MMSI number.  They basically forwarded me to a more local branch (in Penang).  Still nothing for me to do yet until the registry goes through and I get a … Continue reading

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