Keppel Bay; One 15; new batteries

Tale of LGK->SIN still pending my finding some time.  In the meantime, simpler happenings:

I decided to swing by Keppel Bay Marina one more time to see if any berths have opened up.  A couple of the people on the LGK->SIN trip said they’d heard of other boats getting berths there recently.  Keppel Bay is pretty much the ideal marina for me as it’s near the MRT and buses, very close to downtown, and very well protected and calm.  Unfortunately they don’t have any berths for boats my size, but they’re completing a new phase of berths in September and may have space then.  I put my name on the waiting list.

Oia is currently at One 15 Marina on Sentosa Island, since due to arrival complications we couldn’t make it to RSYC easily.  One 15 is really nice and has the advantage that my delivery captain, Major Tan, is the marina’s designer and knows everybody there.  A very good connection to have.  So, I am considering keeping the boat at One 15 for now.  It’s about a 20 minute/S$11 taxi trip to the office, which would increase my transportation expenses quite a bit but not outrageously so.  It’s nicer than RSYC in some ways, especially in that it’s very well protected and not at all rolly.  Whenever I tell anyone I’m planning to live on a boat at RSYC they tell me the ferry traffic generates annoying wakes pretty constantly.  On the other hand, RSYC is nearer to public transport and slightly cheaper.  For now, I have no choice but to stick with One 15 anyway, since the boat needs some repairs before it can move again.

Went by One 15 today to do all the paperwork to check the boat into the marina.  Paid a S$100 deposit for two dock access cards.  They’ll be helping me move the boat to a more suitable berth — right now it’s at a temporary one with no power/water pedestal.

I need some new batteries because issues with the alternator destroyed my current ones and they won’t take a charge.  For now I’m going to stick with Trojan T-105 6V golf cart batteries as everyone I talk to seems to like them a lot.  Called up Johnny Lim, a local supplier of a lot of boat stuff, per a recommendation from Major Tan.  He’s getting me six new batteries tomorrow for around S$1400.  Not cheap but not outrageous either.


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  1. Lee

    Cool that you made it, always an adventure. Depending on how your battery bank is set up, I recommend an echo charger – it isolates the starting battery from everything except itself and the starter motor. It is cheap – $100. It charges the starting battery whenever it senses a charge on the house batteries. Much better and the same price as an automatic charging relay – which you may already have.

    • Kris

      Thanks dude, I will look into echo chargers. I think I’m going to hire a marine electrician to advise me on my electrical system. I need to do a lot of rewiring, and I’m going to put in new breakers, switches, etc; maybe also a new inverter, not sure yet. I’m starting to agree with you that boat projects are pretty much a full-time job.

  2. Doug

    The people demand the full story.

    • Kris

      Soon! I wrote up half of the trip, but I am currently in Hong Kong waiting for a roller coaster at Ocean Park, which precludes my finishing the writing until Monday or so.

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