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I was featured in a Sunday Straits Times article yesterday about living on a boat in Singapore. The Straits Times is the big newspaper here in Singapore, so that’s kind of neat.  I scanned in the article for posterity’s sake, so here it is:

One correction: I’ll be paying around S$1k a month for berthing and utilities (actually, probably a little less).  Not sure where the writer got S$2k from.  Maybe from the owners of the megayacht.


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3 Responses to Sunday Times article

  1. charlene

    I know, maybe she factored in the membership costs of RSYC.

    or maybe, just maybeeeeeee its a sign to get the mega yacht

    • Kris

      But $1k already factors in the membership costs! Mysterious. Mega yacht is certainly tempting. Loan me $1.5M?

      • charlene

        sure! at 500% compounded interest per year

        -big smile-

        1k doesn’t laaaaaaaaa. PHD holder cannot count! what about water, electricity?, loaning of super expensive washer and dryer etc etc? wireless blah blah

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