Nevermind, LGK->SIN is a go

I spoke too soon, and Ima at Telaga Harbour came through at the last minute with a scanned copy of the registration certificate.  Hopefully that will be enough to clear out of Langkawi.

Even if it’s not, the captain came up with an alternative solution.  Since the port clearance is mainly about immigration, it’s okay to bring the boat elsewhere in Malaysia.  If the scanned registration certificate isn’t sufficient to clear out, we’ll sail anyway and just bring the boat down to Sebana Cove, which is very near Singapore.  Then, once the registration clears, it’ll be a day trip to move the boat to RSYC.  Hopefully that won’t be necessary, but it’s a good contingency plan.

I also went and met the captain and a couple of the other sailors at Constant Wind, which is owned by one of the guys joining us for the trip.  Turns out they rent Lasers by the hour and have races every few weeks — I think I’ll probably be spending some more time there, as I am pretty interested in getting back into racing and I miss the fun of capsizing and hiking and the sense of speed you get when you’re close to the water.  Also, having met some more of the crew, I’m feeling much better about the whole trip and I think it’ll all work out fine.

While I was at Constant Wind, I grabbed a good and very discounted pair of 3/4 finger sailing gloves.

Also learned from the captain that I do not, in fact, need AIS or HARTS (Singapore’s home-grown beacon system) on my boat since it’s not Singapore-registered.  That said I may still install an AIS transponder.  I like data, and it’s a useful layer of additional information and safety.

So all in all, a good day in boat land.

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