Langkawi Yacht Registry fail

Things are looking grim for the scheduled LGK->SIN trip next week.  The Langkawi Yacht Registry has yet to finish processing my paperwork and there’s not much indication of when they’ll do so.  Ima at Telaga Harbour has been really helpful in checking in with the registry for status updates and attempting to impress upon them the urgency of the situation.  Apparently this afternoon my registry certificate was in the “director’s” room awaiting his signature, so it seems maybe there is still a chance the registration will go through in time.

Unfortunately it’s pretty risky to wait until the last possible minute, so if the registration doesn’t go through by Monday morning I’ll have to postpone the trip.  Hopefully all or most of the big gang of sailors will be able to agree on a different set of dates; also, hopefully it’ll be before April 17 when my lease ends.  Regardless, if the Langkawi Yacht Registry fails me I’ll have to shell out a bunch of cash to move plane tickets around.  Sigh.

That’ll teach me to make plans as if the bureaucracies upon which the plans depend will actually follow through.

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