LGK->SIN details

I just booked a whole bunch of SIN->LGK tickets for March 24.  Thank God for budget airlines.  The delivery captain decided for some reason that we really need to have six people on board for the trip from Langkawi to Singapore, which will last 3-4 days.  He wants three 2-person watches during the daytime, and two 3-person watches at night.

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I am actually paying only for his fee, flights for four (including myself), provisions and fuel, so it’s not all that bad.

I am expecting it to be a moderately uncomfortable trip, though, with six people.  I think we’d probably be fine with two or three.  Of all six people, I am the youngest by about 10 years; four of them are in their 50s.  Two of them are actually students who are going to get instruction in the Singapore keelboat syllabus during the trip (like me, I guess).  I am starting to think I’d have just been happier doing a simple, straightforward delivery and leaving the whole instruction and certification thing out of it, but in the end it’ll probably be worthwhile.

The captain’s military nature is showing through: he is very regimented about his planning and is already calling various meetings and briefings and the like.  Whatever, I guess; at the end of the month the boat will be here, which is the main thing I care about.


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  1. Dad

    Hi Kris!

    Sounds like your boat is getting crowded. Maybe the captain is trying to make a little extra money by providing training to others using your boat. Hopefully these are all good people; otherwise 4 days on a boat with 5 others could get testy. I wouldn’t have too much beer onboard. Remember it is your boat, and the captain works for you (despite his military nature).

  2. Charlene

    Nobody orders robots around! Robots rule the world!!!!!

  3. Lee

    I got a kick out of the six people too. Party. Watches with that many people seem silly. It might be nice to have that many people if something goes wrong. I think you’ll have an interesting story to tell with this one.

    Robots will rule the world – they don’t currently rule the world.

    • Kris

      On the contrary I’d suspect 6 people in an emergency is probably a crowd. 3-4 seems like an optimal number. We’ll see how this thing goes.

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