Various photos and tasks; new graphics

Another busy day.

Here is a photo I took this morning of the galley.  No reason other than that I realized I hadn’t yet taken a picture of it:

It’s actually about the same size as the kitchen in my studio apartment in Singapore, but it definitely feels a little smaller because of the wraparound; my apartment’s kitchen is along a straight countertop.  The sink has dual basins.  The LPG stove has two burners; there’s no oven but I think it’d be pretty reasonable to install one.  Yes, that’s a microwave; right now I can only use it with shore power, but it’s still nice to have and I’ve cooked a couple bowls of instant noodles in it this weekend.  Between the kitchen and the stove there’s a big top-loading compartment.  It’s not the fridge, which is opposite next to the nav station.

I was also eying the hatches today.  Most of them are 9.5″x9.5″ cutout Bomar hatches, and they are all very crazed and no longer let much light through.  From below:

And from above:

I’d say these are pretty good candidates for replacement.  Not too hard to do, although they’re not exactly cheap at US$200+ each.  There are six of them, four for the cabin and two on the hard dodger.

Late this morning I finished cleaning the deck using the new hose I bought yesterday and pressure from shore water.  Cleaning is a lot easier with a decently high pressure spray.  I’d say I got rid of about 90% of the grime that’d somehow built up on deck without doing any scrubbing.  It’s much nicer to be able to walk around on deck without leaving muddy footprints everywhere.  Sparkling deck:

Then I moved on to today’s biggest (and most nervewracking) task: affixing the new vinyl graphics.  The process for these is actually pretty simple.  After cleaning off the surface with acetone to remove any remaining wax, I placed the graphics and did some measuring to make sure they were well aligned:

Then I used the masking tape on the top as a hinge, removed the backing, and sprayed the surface and the back of the graphics with a water/dish soap mixture to prevent it from immediately sticking.  This lets you slide the graphic into exactly the right spot.  After that, I used a plastic squeegee to push out the water bubbles, which leaves the graphic with the application tape still attached:

At this point it already looks pretty much done.  I just waited about an hour and then peeled off the application tape.  Here’s the starboard bow graphic once everything was all done:

The stern graphics were bigger and a little more difficult because I had to do the work from the dinghy.  The dinghy is small and I’m big, so it’s not the most stable platform to work from.  I also had to continually grab Oia with one hand to keep from drifting too far off.  Here’s the dinghy in the water:

Even though it’s small and not one of the fancier RIBs that a lot of boats have, I actually kind of like this little dinghy — it reminds me a lot of the one Skye had years ago.  It’s a nice little boat to paddle around in, even if its cargo capacity is lacking.  Here are the newly applied stern graphics:

And from a little farther away:

Nothing too fancy, but that’s fine; I like simple.

The only real remaining step with the new graphics is to apply a coat of wax over the areas where I removed the old graphics, including over top of the new ones.  I need to wait a while to do that though, as the adhesive needs at least a week to set.  Most likely I’ll do the waxing in Singapore.

Near the end of the day I raised the second big awning, which is really cumbersome.  It took a while since I had to cut cords with which to tie it off.  I think I might prefer a battened awning, as it’s pretty much impossible to move around on deck with this one:

You can also see the new Malaysian ensign flag flying at the stern.

Other small tasks today:

  • Refilled the port side water tank
  • Found a nearby laundromat and brought some stuff there, mainly cushion covers, sheets, towels, etc.
  • Figured out where to keep the air conditioner while underway (there’s just enough space underneath the head of the V-berth)
  • Noted that both GPS antennas have BNC connectors
  • Cleaned the cabin and wiped down the hardwood floor

In all, a productive weekend.  In the morning I’m headed back to work, and probably won’t be back at the boat until the trip down to Singapore.

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  1. Doug

    Nice job Beevers. Looks great!

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