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I spent a little time on the weekend and a little more yesterday trying to vectorize the only real schematic drawing I’ve been able to find of the Acapulco 40, so I can print something out to use for mapping stuff, planning, etc.  Unfortunately the image is not at a very high resolution.

After a lot of cleanup to remove some of the tricker and less important pixels (like the floorboards), some thresholding, and some experimenting with autotrace, I’ve got something sort of passable.  (Usually I use potrace, but it didn’t seem to do as well with this graphic.)

Click for PDF

You can click the image for a vectorized PDF if you’re into that kind of thing.

Of note, there are some differences between the schematic and Oia, particularly in the top down view.  Most obviously, the aft starboard double berth is replaced by a navigation table, electronics cabinets, and other storage; the port and starboard midships settees are as shown (and sleepable) but the berths as shown are replaced by storage; some of the port side of the V-berth is replaced by storage; and steering is by wheel with cable and chain, not a tiller.  Aside from those, the layout is pretty similar.  In the side and above decks views, the main obvious differences are the tiller again, the hard dodger/bimini that’s on Oia but not in the drawing, and the rudder, which is skegged on Oia.


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  1. Doug

    When I first heard you were getting an Aculpoco 40 I did I quick Google search which turned up a forum post of a couple people trading some info and diagrams. As I went looking for it again today I saw you posted there, so I guess you’re aware!

    Did you try getting in touch with those guys for the scans they had? If you dont have any luck, we have a copy of Perry’s 109 Sailboat Designs book in our local library system, so let me know if you want me to get you any of the diagrams.

    It’s also pretty cool that the builder seems to be active online. He might be able to provide some intelligent insight if you end up doing any semi-major upgrades.

  2. Kris

    Yep, when I saw them talking specifically about my boat I decided I probably ought to sign up. I did ask the dude who posted the Acapulco 40 schematic scan if he had a higher-res version; never heard back unfortunately. Perhaps he’s halfway across the Pacific.

    If you happen to be in the library I’d certainly love to have high-res diagrams of anything/everything Acapulco 40 related. I’d probably do the same as with these and vectorize them if possible.

    I agree, neat that the builder is around. I think, however, that he probably didn’t build my boat (which doesn’t mean he can’t offer useful insights). There’s a different name on the builder’s certificate and the company listed is different than Powell’s; also I think this boat was built before he (supposedly) built his first Acapulco 40. Honestly in trying to track down the details of this boat I just keep getting confused as there are various paradoxes in dates, places, companies, etc.

  3. Doug

    The pictures in the book were only marginally better than the ones on the web. I took a couple photos which I put here:
    I’m currently enroute to LA for the weekend, but I’ll try to scan them in when I get back so it doesn’t look quite as crappy. Dont hold out for much more though – the text in the schematic isn’t even legible when starring at the book.

    Might be better just to redraw the thing in inkscape using one of the photos as an underlay.

  4. Kris

    Interesting photos, looks like yet another different cabin layout, particularly in the galley and V-berth. I guess I’ll go the tracing-in-inkscape route. I actually started to do that before but got annoyed with it and tried potrace/autotrace instead. But there’s no huge rush, so I can just do a little at a time.

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