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Keppel Bay; One 15; new batteries

Tale of LGK->SIN still pending my finding some time.  In the meantime, simpler happenings: I decided to swing by Keppel Bay Marina one more time to see if any berths have opened up.  A couple of the people on the … Continue reading


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Oia is in Singapore

After a grueling and eventful trip with what turned out to be an amazing crew, Oia is finally in Singapore, currently at One 15 marina on Sentosa island.  She needs some repairs (mainly new batteries, and repair or replacement of … Continue reading

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Sunday Times article

I was featured in a Sunday Straits Times article yesterday about living on a boat in Singapore. The Straits Times is the big newspaper here in Singapore, so that’s kind of neat.  I scanned in the article for posterity’s sake, … Continue reading


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Approximate LGK->SIN route

Here is a (very) approximate depiction of the planned route from Langkawi to Singapore.  We’ll be stopping at Penang, Pangkor, Port Dickson, and then Singapore.  We may need to clear immigration at the Western Quarantine and Immigration Anchorage, which is … Continue reading

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Nevermind, LGK->SIN is a go

I spoke too soon, and Ima at Telaga Harbour came through at the last minute with a scanned copy of the registration certificate.  Hopefully that will be enough to clear out of Langkawi. Even if it’s not, the captain came … Continue reading

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Langkawi Yacht Registry fail

Things are looking grim for the scheduled LGK->SIN trip next week.  The Langkawi Yacht Registry has yet to finish processing my paperwork and there’s not much indication of when they’ll do so.  Ima at Telaga Harbour has been really helpful … Continue reading

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Some shopping; paperwork

Did a little bit of shopping over the last couple days. Saturday, picked up a pair of Sperry Topsider deck shoes.  Seems like they’ve evolved a bit since I had a simple pair of canvas ones 15 years ago.  They … Continue reading


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LGK->SIN details

I just booked a whole bunch of SIN->LGK tickets for March 24.  Thank God for budget airlines.  The delivery captain decided for some reason that we really need to have six people on board for the trip from Langkawi to … Continue reading


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Various photos and tasks; new graphics

Another busy day. Here is a photo I took this morning of the galley.  No reason other than that I realized I hadn’t yet taken a picture of it: It’s actually about the same size as the kitchen in my … Continue reading

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Shopping; removing Kestrel II

Today Langkawi defeated some of my ambitions.  After some morning tinkering, I drove to Kuah with a full-page shopping list.  There is one real chandlery in all of Langkawi, and it’s in Kuah; that’s also apparently where all the hardware … Continue reading

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