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I found a few vinyl graphics printers in Singapore, so I whipped up some graphics in inkscape to get some quotes:

The top graphic will go on the bow (both port and starboard); the bottom two graphics on the stern.  I went with something simple and easily readable for the stern but decided to make something a little more stylized for the bow.  Okay, it’s not all that stylized, it’s just lowercase Greek lettering (but manually kerned!).  Sent it off to one of the graphics makers for a quote.

I also booked some flights to head up to Langkawi again March 5-7.  It’s a little inconvenient to fly up there for a weekend as none of the airlines have Friday evening or Saturday morning flights there, or Sunday evening flights back.  So I pretty much have to take a day off, flying up Friday morning and returning early Monday morning.  Hopefully I’ll only have to do that once or twice more.

This weekend I’m going shopping, not for too much, but a few useful and/or necessary things.  Quick list:

  • A labelmaker.  Probably a niceish one, maybe digital.  Very little of the electrical system is labeled, and even though I’ll be rewiring it soon, there are some interim things I need to do (e.g., install an AIS transponder) which will require doing some basic mapping.  Might as well label while I’m at it.  Similarly, while plumbing is easier to trace, I still think it’d be useful to label everything clearly.
  • A couple RS232 -> USB adapters so I can get NMEA0183 devices (GPS, AIS, autopilot, etc) talking to my laptop.
  • An AIS transponder.  I’ve been doing a bit of research but in the end the transponder I end up with will probably depend on what’s available in Singapore.  Some of them have a VHF antenna splitter built in, some don’t, in which case I’ll have to grab one of those too.  The Comar CSB200 looks decent and not too ridiculously priced, but it requires an external VHF splitter.  The ACR Nauticast seems about the same, though less widely used.  There are also some Raymarine and Furuno devices, more expensive, but with built in antenna splitters.  I think what I’ll do is make my way to a few marine electronics shops (there are some at Sim Lim), see what they’re selling, and then do a little more research before buying.
  • Possibly, a handheld GPS to augment my existing one (a Garmin GPS 120XL, a little old but really quite decent), although I may hold off on that until I take a look at my existing GPS antennas and figure out if I’d need a new one for a handheld for some reason.  I am kind of liking the look of the Garmin GPS 60Cx or maybe the 60CSx.
  • A 12V DC power adapter for my laptop.  It seems kind of silly to use the usual AC adapter and an inverter to power my laptop when the boat supplies 12V DC directly.  The problem I’m having with this is that every adapter I can find is for a car cigarette lighter, and my DC outlets take normal old US plugs.  Possibly I’ll just buy a car adapter, chop off the cigar plug, and wire on a normal plug.

I also just found out (while writing this!) that I’ve finally got all the paperwork in place to process the new registration.  (I was waiting on the deletion certificate from the SVG registry.)  So, hopefully that will now move forward, although I’ve been told Langkawi’s registry process can drag on for a while.


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  1. Doug

    Or better yet: make a few US plug to cigarette plug adaptors – I’m sure your laptop wont be the only DC thing you’ll want to plug in that has a car adaptor for it.

    There are also fairly cheap DC step down transformers in the car adaptor style with all the little tips for the various electronic gadgets we surround ourselves with, which I’m sure would come in handy. Of course the really cheap ones are usually linear regulators, which suck at efficiency, so getting a switched-mode converter would probably be worth it in the long run.

    But maybe you have more of a grand plan for your DC wiring to handle all your gadets in a more refined way.

  2. Kris

    Actaully I like your idea quite a bit. I’ve talked to one or two other people who went ahead and just installed cigarette plugs on their boats, which I’m not averse to doing, e.g. something like

    But for now it’s probably just as easy to go buy a US plug and and make an adapter. That’s assuming I can find a US plug here, but I’m sure they’re around somewhere.

    In thinking about it though almost all my little devices aside from my laptop can be charged by USB. Yet another reason for a cigarette plug adapter:

    Now I just need to source all this stuff here.

    I definitely don’t have a grand plan yet, just beginning to think about it actually. Looking forward to mapping out all the existing loads next weekend so I can start some real planning.

    Still not sure if I want to do the rewiring myself or hire someone though. Probably it’s just a time issue more than anything.

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