Weekend wrapup and some plans

It’s getting late and I have an early flight in the morning, so I wrapped up my activities for this weekend.  I managed to finish going through almost everything, although I decided to save for next time the drawer under the electronics bench full of random tools, fittings, hoses, filters, fasteners, liquids, gels, greases, and so on.

I was poking around on the foredeck after dark and stepped on the anchor winch foot switch; turns out I had flipped its breaker on earlier when testing some stuff, so it drew the anchor, which had been a little loose, snugly into its proper place, completely by accident.  Aside from being mildly startling, that was cool.

I also cleaned up the puddles in the bottom of the fridge (it’s top-loading), and turned it on.  Works like a charm.  The compressor is the well-known Adler Barbour Cold Machine, which everyone seems to like.  There was a leftover can of Coke inside, so I shut the lid and waited a while.  Nice and cold.

The lighting in the cabin is almost entirely LEDs.  It’s an interesting kind of light; I don’t think I’ve ever really been in an environment lighted only by LEDs before.  Frankly, the lighting isn’t really warm enough, and even with the entire cabin lit up, it just feels kind of dim.  That said, lighting up the entire cabin only uses 1 amp, which is certainly something to consider before making any changes.

I was planning to put up some extra tarps to cover the rest of the deck, but by the time I got around to it it was dark and I didn’t feel like dealing with it.  Pretty sure the deck will survive just fine for a few weeks.

At this point I’ve somehow managed to stow everything reasonably consistently and categorically.  The pile of life vests that was before crammed into the back of a closet near the V-berth is now in a cockpit locker, and the rest of the safety equipment on board is within quick reach from the cockpit, whereas before most of it was strewn about pretty unintelligibly, at least to me.  Most of the cabinets and closets and lockers in the cabin are actually empty now, which is nice.  I even wiped down the nice hardwood floor, which had gotten pretty dusty over the last few days with all my mulling about.

The two things I really haven’t touched at all this weekend are the electronics and the engine.  At least I turned on most of the electronics to make sure they work, and I even listened to channel 16 for a while on the VHF, but I didn’t really do any kind of mapping of the setup, which I’ll need to do to install an AIS transponder soon.  The engine I didn’t even start, since I never got around to locating the exhaust valve which the previous owner warned me needs to be opened before starting the engine.  Next time.

I think my agenda the next time I’m here will probably include, at least:

  • Rent a car and go shopping for some basics: some new towels and sheets, paper towels and other cleaning materials, some new fire extinguishers, flares, and an air horn, and a few other random bits
  • Mess around with the outboard and take the dinghy for a spin
  • Do some mapping of the electronics and figure out where to wire in the AIS transponder (and maybe, if I’ve bought one, actually wire it in)
  • Clean out the engine room a bit; I haven’t touched it yet
  • Start up the engine
  • Possibly, if I can find someone to crew for a day, take the boat for a spin to get a feel for things
  • Write down a reasonably thorough inventory of the equipment on board and its condition, so I can start keeping track of what I’ve got, what needs attention, etc.

I definitely find myself wishing the boat was in Singapore already.  In part, it’d be nice to be able to bring someone over for the day to lend a hand, instead of having to ask around to get someone I don’t know to crew when I want to take the boat out.  Also, Langkawi just doesn’t have a lot of stuff I want, or if it does, the only way to get to it is with a car or an expensive taxi.  C’est la vie, the boat will be in Singapore soon enough.

In any case, I declare my first weekend on Oia successful.  Hopefully the trend will continue!

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