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I’ve finally gone through almost everything on the boat and discarded a massive amount of crap (so far, about 7-8 huge garbage bags full).  I’ve also slowly started figuring out where I want to store stuff, and putting a few things back in place.  The only spaces I have yet to clean up are around the electronics bench and in the fridge.  One drawer beneath the bench is filled with a variety of greasy engine-related tools (why not in a toolbox?), and when I saw that yesterday I moved on.  I guess today I’ll buckle down and go through it.  The fridge isn’t so bad as the previous owner mostly emptied it, but there’s a puddle of water at the bottom that I haven’t felt like dealing with until now.

Following that I really just need to find a place for everything.  The portside cockpit locker is filled up with a lot of stuff that’s better stored on shore, especially all the parts for the Hydrovane windvane (which I’ll probably install someday, but no time soon), a bunch of spare teak, etc.  I’ve got a spare life ring, some fins and masks, and a few related things that I’d prefer to put there instead, but for now, who cares.

Two projects have come to mind this weekend to do soon after the boat gets to Singapore.  First, I really want to remove as many of the plywood bases, shelves, and walls from all the various cabinets that I can, sand them down, and paint them.  A lot of them are pretty filthy, or at least badly stained.  The stuff I can’t remove (bulkheads, mainly) I’ll just repaint as best I can.  Second, I am definitely going to put some padding on the edge of the hard dodger.  My head is still ringing from the most recent (third) time I turned around too quickly and smashed into it.

Aside from the shower pump, which I still haven’t figured out (and also the deck wash pump, which is exhibiting related issues), I’m pretty happy with the weekend’s progress.  I’ve gotten into almost every nook and cranny of the boat, gotten rid of a huge amount of crap, reorganized carefully, and now have a pretty complete sense of exactly what’s on board.  I haven’t yet written down any kind of “inventory” though; maybe next time I’m here, which will hopefully be within a couple weeks.

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