Some morning photos

This morning I took a few photos when I woke up.

The V-berth was pretty comfortable, and surprisingly cool.  I’ll be glad when I’ve got my own pillow and some new sheets though:

Here is the cluttered saloon and galley.  It doesn’t normally look like that; I’m yanking everything out of every storage space, throwing a bunch of stuff away, and trying to decide how I want to organize the rest.  I actually took this a few hours ago, and since then I’ve been meticulously making my way from the bow to the stern, plucking everything out of every compartment, so now it looks… much worse!

Here’s the cockpit, taken from the companionway.  I haven’t made my way back here yet while cleaning; most of the detritus was left by the previous owner.  Oia‘s cockpit is pseudo-enclosed by a hard top with roll-up sides.  I’m still not sure what I think of it.  The privacy aspect is nice, but it makes the whole boat feel less airy than I’d like, and it really gets in the way when you’re trying to move around.  Probably I’ll eventually remove at least part of the hard top, but keep the foremost part (the hard dodger, not in the photo), which is extremely useful in foul weather.

The contents of the emergency grab bag I found last night are pretty funny.  Clearly it hasn’t been restocked in about 20 years.  There are one or two useful things (a mirror and compass, some fishing line and lure, a hand-operated emergency watermaker), but the rest (survival rations, sunblock, etc) is long expired or useless.

The head (bathroom) is actually pretty nice and is reasonably roomy, at least for a boat.

Of course, though, the head is also the home to my current nemesis, the shower sump pump:

I actually made some small amount of progress diagnosing the issue this morning.  After reading up on diaphragm pressure switches, and some investigation with a multimeter, I’m pretty sure the pressure switch (part of it is the little black thing, to the bottom left of the pump, attached to a hose that leads to the switch itself) is not the problem.  That pretty much leaves the motor itself, but I don’t have a good way to test that aside from removing it, which I’d prefer to avoid.  I continue to hold out hope that I’m just missing something obvious, and either I’ll come across it sooner or later, or I’ll hear about it from the previous owner, to whom I inquired via the broker.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, at least the marina has a shower.

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  1. She is beautiful! We are so happy she is now yours!

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