Some first-day findings

I’ve had a pretty productive day.  Mostly I spent it tinkering without any specific objectives, just aiming to get familiar with the boat and various subsystems.

After a false start or two I think I’ve got the electrical system more or less worked out, and I spent a good deal of time playing with different aspects of that, figuring out various AC/DC things, getting the battery charger working, and only blowing one fuse so far (I plugged a DC dustbuster into an AC socket; who’d have thunk they’d make DC dustbusters).

Also got the plumbing mostly working.  The biggest hurdle I’ve run into so far is that the shower sump pump doesn’t seem to be in order.  I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with the pump, or if there’s something wrong with whatever mechanism is supposed to start it running when the sump tank fills up (I haven’t for the life of me been able to find any kind of switch, manual or pressure based or anything), but the end result is that I can’t take a shower currently.  That’s too bad since I spent much of the day sweating in 96F temperatures.  I dismantled the pump to see if there was anything obvious, but it’s kind of a black box.  Eventually gave up, will try again tomorrow.

It took me a while to realize that the previous owner had (correctly) closed the seacock on the marine toilet’s intake through-hull; now I can wantonly flush into the harbor.

At some point this evening I set about going through the contents of the countless storage spaces tucked around the cabin.  Everywhere you look there’s another little cubbyhole.  It does seem the previous owner went through them before he left and got rid of a bunch of stuff (or took it with him) — a lot of the spaces are empty or almost empty.  I can’t say I mind, as I was expecting to find them jammed full of useless stuff.  A lot of what I’ve found has indeed been useless, but at least it isn’t overwhelming.  Right now, I’ve gone through about a third of the interior storage space and mostly emptied it out; even the stuff I want to keep is strewn about on the cabin floor awaiting rearranging per my organizational fanaticism.  My favorite find of the evening was an ancient emergency grab bag; among its contents were two 1980s-era sweatshirts in ziploc bags, and four USCG-approved emergency rations that expired in 1996.  There’s also been some good stuff: a few nice foul-weather harnesses, a potentially resurrectable radar reflector, a great set of charts of Singapore waters from 2005, a reasonably thorough stack of manuals for all kinds of equipment, and a passable laptop with a serial connector, so I was able to play around with GPS and chart mapping after all (though I’d still rather use my usual laptop).  There was even an old SSD radio all bundled up and stowed, although in all likelihood it’s junk.

I also got the registration process almost rolling; or at least, I have the list of documents I need to produce to start it rolling.  I’m missing a couple, which are in the hands of the previous owner but supposedly being prepared/obtained.

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll proceed tomorrow.  Probably more cleaning and organizing for most of the day, although I’d also like to make some progress on finding someone to check in on the boat when I’m not around.  It appears Langkawi isn’t the best place to have your topsides painted, at least according to everyone I’ve asked, so I’ll probably just delay that until Singapore.

Now, time for a rinse in the sink (stupid shower sump pump!), and then to sleep in the V-berth!

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