I’m on a boat. My boat!

I just picked up Oia‘s key, along with a dock access keycard, and climbed onto the boat for the first time as its owner.  Awesome!  As Doug mentioned, a key doesn’t seem like a very good symbol of ownership for a sailboat, so here is a photo of the anchors instead.  I’ll be sure to take many more photos this weekend.

Oia's anchors

I spent about an hour poking around, opening up compartments, and generally investigating stuff that would have been nosy to investigate before.  All in all I’m quite happy with the condition of the boat.  I agree with the surveyor that clearly, the wiring is a mess.  Other than that everything seems in good shape, although as I suspected the boat needs a pretty thorough cleansing, mainly in the form of “take everything out and throw most of it away”.  There are a zillion of the most random things strewn about the boat: old newspapers, empty salad dressing containers, half-full glasses of water, untold bottles and cans of various cleaning materials (some of it useful no doubt, but most of it redundant or unusable).

After a while I decided to get the power working.  The boat was already plugged into shore power so pretty much all I had to do was flip a few switches and do some tests.  For the most part everything power-related seems to be working, despite the wiring mess.  I’m wishing I’d had time to go buy an RS232 -> USB converter as the GPS supports NMEA over serial but I lack a serial connector on my laptop.  It seems unlikely I’ll be able to buy such a thing in Langkawi, so maybe I’ll have to wait until next time to play around with charting, etc.

Next up I’ll be heading back to the marina office to chat with someone there about getting the boat properly registered in Langkawi, and asking for some other advice on stuff like getting some painting done, finding someone to help me take the boat out (probably not this weekend, but who knows), etc.

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