Post-purchase logistics

I am quickly finding that probably the hardest part of buying a boat is dealing with all the immediate logistics that arise after the purchase.  Getting insurance, registering the boat, finding someone to do some painting (of the stern and bow, since I’m renaming the boat and registering her in a new port), finding someone to help me take the boat out around Langkawi (e.g., to a boatyard for painting), and finding someone with enough experience in the Malacca Straits to help me bring her down to Singapore, have all been tough going.  I think I’ve finally mostly wrapped up the insurance, although it still probably won’t be in place for a few more days.  The rest of those tasks, though, are all pretty much stalled.

As with most things, there are a lot of dependencies on other people, most of whom, for some reason, aren’t all that inclined to move quickly, even though I am proposing to pay them money to perform services.  C’est la vie.

I am hoping that in making the trip up to Langkawi this weekend, I’ll manage to dig up some leads at the marina that’ll help me move along with all this stuff.  I definitely want to keep pushing ahead to try to get the boat here sometime in mid-March so I have time to do some work on it here before my lease ends and it’s time to move aboard.

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