Oia is mine

I learned today that I officially own Oia, and that the bill of sale is currently enroute via courier.  So, yeah, I really own a boat.

I also heard from the previous owner (via the broker) that he left the boat at Telaga on the 15th, with a variety of documents compiled in a folder for my perusal.  And:

The air-con is in place on the front hatchway and I put the front canopy on the boat. Dishes washed and fridge cleaned and the boat is presentable.

So that’s nice.

The boat also has insurance cover in place as of today, and I have a lead on a potential delivery captain, from Singapore, thanks to some help from First Mate Charchar.  The insurance was surprisingly cheap, but the coverage is, as I was warned by Lee and others, limited to some pretty specific cruising grounds.

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