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Just found out today that Oia will be arriving in Langkawi on February 14th or 15th, after which I’ll take complete ownership (and responsibility).  She’ll be berthed there at the Telaga Harbour marina.  I’m going to fly up for the 19th-21st to pick up the keys, get the ball rolling on the boat’s Langkawi registration, start cleaning it up and organizing things, mess around with various equipment, etc.

Lately during what little free time I can find I’ve been reading over a couple books.  One I’ve had for a while, and it was invaluable while I was boat hunting: Don Casey’s Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual, which is seriously detailed, but assumes some amount of knowledge about how everything works and fits together.  The other book is simpler, complementary to the first, and just as useful: How Boat Things Work, which was recommended by the surveyor who examined my boat.  The highlight of both books are the detailed, precise, and very clear illustrations.  I can now say I’m at least modestly enlightened as to the innermost workings of marine diesel engines.

Frankly, having not owned a yacht before, or even really spent much time on one with the specific aim of figuring out how everything works, I’m expecting to go through a bit of a crash course.  Engines and electrical systems, in particular, are a little daunting since I’ve never really delved into them in any context.  But then, I guess that’s a big part of why I wanted to buy a boat: to learn about all this stuff.  I’ve certainly done plenty of research, so now I’m ready to start poking and prodding.

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