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Some electrical and electronics research

I’ve spent quite a while today researching various electronics and electrical stuff.  Here are few findings. My house battery bank is 4x Trojan T-105 6V 225 amp-hour golf cart batteries connected in series-parallel for 450 AH @ 12V.  My starter … Continue reading


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Electrical/electronics shopping

Walked over to Sim Lim Tower and the next-door Sim Lim Square to grab a few electrical things and research some electronics.  I think if Lee saw these places he’d feel like a kid on Christmas morning.  Came away with … Continue reading

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Just heard this morning that my insurance premium wire transfer cleared, so now the boat is insured for the next year.  I got quotes from a couple insurers, and landed on QBE Thailand, which interestingly enough was the one recommended … Continue reading

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Graphics and labelmaker

Already managed to take care of a couple things I wrote down earlier today. Ordered up vinyl graphics (2x bow “oia” @ ~10.3″x4″, 1x stern “OIA” @ ~14″x5″, 1x stern “LANGKAWI” @ 27.2″x4″) from Vinyl Haus, who was nice and … Continue reading

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Graphics; planning; registration

I found a few vinyl graphics printers in Singapore, so I whipped up some graphics in inkscape to get some quotes: The top graphic will go on the bow (both port and starboard); the bottom two graphics on the stern. … Continue reading


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Weekend wrapup and some plans

It’s getting late and I have an early flight in the morning, so I wrapped up my activities for this weekend.  I managed to finish going through almost everything, although I decided to save for next time the drawer under … Continue reading

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Working shower pump; a tour of the topsides

I fixed the shower sump pump!  Okay, actually I didn’t “fix” anything, because it wasn’t really broken.  There is an extra, sort of mysterious switch inside the cabinet, above the pressure switch which I thought was the only thing breaking … Continue reading


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Cleaning and organizing

I’ve finally gone through almost everything on the boat and discarded a massive amount of crap (so far, about 7-8 huge garbage bags full).  I’ve also slowly started figuring out where I want to store stuff, and putting a few … Continue reading

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Some morning photos

This morning I took a few photos when I woke up. The V-berth was pretty comfortable, and surprisingly cool.  I’ll be glad when I’ve got my own pillow and some new sheets though: Here is the cluttered saloon and galley.  … Continue reading

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Some first-day findings

I’ve had a pretty productive day.  Mostly I spent it tinkering without any specific objectives, just aiming to get familiar with the boat and various subsystems. After a false start or two I think I’ve got the electrical system more … Continue reading

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